Bare Acts 1

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Code of Criminal Procedure - Jayalalitha case - Appointment of Mr. Bhavani Singh as Public prosecutor. Whether he can continue to represent even in appeal. Held as follows. If a Public Prosecutor is appointed to conduct a case, he is entitled to appear and plead without any written authority before any Court in which that case is under inquiry, trial or appeal. Therefore, the words “any Court” used in this Section enables the Public Prosecutor to appear in all Courts of Criminal Jurisdiction and it is not


Diplomatic Relations (Vienna Convention) Act, 1972 .

2015-09-18 03:40:46

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Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

2015-09-17 08:01:35

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Trademark Act - bare Act

2015-09-10 11:59:00

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Design Act, 2000. bare Act

2015-09-10 11:43:42

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