Bare Acts 14

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The much talked about & much quoted judgment Ridge vs Baldwin: This is the turning point in judicial history. For the first time, the Principles of Natural Justice were applied to even the administrative actions of the State and its instrumentality. Till then, the Principles of Natural Justice were applicable only to the judicial decisions i.e. court proceedings. The House of Lords held that Baldwin's committee had violated the doctrine of natural justice, overturning the principle outlined by the Donoug


Diplomatic Relations (Vienna Convention) Act, 1972 .

2015-09-18 03:40:46

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Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

2015-09-17 08:01:35

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Trademark Act - bare Act

2015-09-10 11:59:00

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Design Act, 2000. bare Act

2015-09-10 11:43:42

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